Could Max Pacioretty be a good signing at the right price?

Max Pacioretty was dealt from Montreal, a move that helped out Montreal tremendously and Pacioretty had much less pressure with the Vegas Golden Knights.
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The Montreal Canadiens trading captain Max Pacioretty was significant of a big change in the tides.

He was older and needed a change of scenery and the Canadiens were looking to get younger and put the Habs on the right path. It worked tremendously for Montreal, but Pacioretty played four seasons in Sin City before being dealt to the Carolina Hurricanes. He played five games, then an injury derailed his season, and he finally landed in Washington for the 2023-24 season.

Pacioretty, although he had many impressive seasons and is known for his solid playmaking and powerful shot, isn't at the top of his game. The 35-year-old, however, has plenty of experience, which could be a nice addition to a team rebuilding and pushing forward with a younger core. Pacioretty, at the right price, might not be such a wild idea.

The past is the past, Marc Bergevin is gone and the coaching staff is all new, so it could be somewhat of a newer, greener pasture for Pacioretty. If he could be convinced to sign a short-term deal with a reasonable salary, it might not be an awful idea. There is a risk with his recent injury woes, but after a healthy offseason, he might be a solid fit in the bottom six.

On the fence about Pacioretty back in Montreal

Pacioretty might not have been the wisest choice for captain, but he was the choice and the past is the past. Now, with less responsibility and in more of a mentor role, Pacioretty could help the team out, while the team allows him to get back to his healthy ways and play some good hockey before he decides to retire.

I would like to think that if Pacioretty can stay healthy, which is his goal heading into the 2024-25 season, then why not take a chance? If healthy, Montreal fans know what Pacioretty is capable of and having shooting depth throughout the lineup never hurt anybody. My only problem is that it would potentially take away ice time from other younger options.

Joshua Roy, Owen Beck and Emil Heineman will all be in the thick of a battle to make the Habs out of training camp. So, adding Pacioretty could make the competition stiffer, which might bring the best out of of the younger players. The worst thing that happens is the young guys get a little bit of development time in the American League.

If Pacioretty does work out, then he could garner interest at the Trade Deadline and if his contract is reasonable he could be the gift that keeps on giving. Think Sean Monahan, it helps him get back on his feet and allows him to potentially be dealt to a contender if all goes right for him. Kent Hughes has helped out Sean Monahan and Jeff Petry, there is also Casey DeSmith - so this isn't exactly foreign territory.

This is all just a thought, but the positives could outweigh the negatives here.