Cole Eiserman sets a USNTDP record

Eiserman passed Cole Caufield (126) for the most goals by a United States National Team Development player his 127th goal.
U18 Five Nations Tournament
U18 Five Nations Tournament / Michael Miller/ISI Photos/GettyImages

The Montreal Canadiens have plenty of players to scout ahead of the 2024 NHL Draft and after tomorrow night's Draft Lottery they will be able to narrow their list to a specific range.

If they don't get the number one pick, then Macklin Celebrini the consensus top pick for the draft in june will be out of the question. But the Habs can still come away from the draft with a very good offensive weapon; since there are some intriguing forward prospects. There are power forwards, magician puck handlers and some pure goalscorers.

That last option - goalscorers, is one that the Canadiens would love to add into the fold and there is one who is very interesting. Cole Eiserman is the purest sniper in the entire draft and if there needed to be anymore proof to solidify his stock, passing Cole Caufield's United States National Team Development Program goalscoring record of 126 goals can do that. That is precisely what Eiserman did, capitalizing on a one-timer pass from Lane Hutson's younger brother and 2024 Draft prospect, Cole.

In typical Eiserman fashion the goal came in the clutch, to draw the United States ahead of Team Canada in the under 18 gold medal game. The Canadiens have themselves a Hutson, who loves to dish sweet feeds to the left side to a pure shooter, like he did with Celebrini at Boston College. With that said, Eiserman could work out pretty well on the Canadiens powerplay.

Picture it now, Eiserman on one side and Caufield on the other, put Juraj Slafkovsky in front of the net and the man advantage would be silly. Nick Suzuki and Hutson can work from the blueline in and feed either Caufield or Eiserman on the halfwall. Eiserman did it in what is his last game with the program, since he will be heading to play with Cole Hutson at Boston University next season.

Many have viewed Eiserman as a one-dimensional player, but he is as competitive as they come. And if he has the opportunity to dominate in college and grow as a player, then turn pro and learn from a great development team, he could be a massive add for the Canadiens. Lets not forget, that every team seeking a goalscorer, isn't too upset when they add someone whose best dimension is their ability to beat defenders and burn goalies.

There are a couple of players that I think would be ahead of the Eiserman on the Canadiens draft list, but without knowing where the team will draft, Eiserman wouldn't be a disappointing selection.