Christian Dvorak Scores Twice In Return To The Lineup

In one game, Christian Dvorak showed offensive potential, but more than that he was a steady presence down the middle.
Nashville Predators v Montreal Canadiens
Nashville Predators v Montreal Canadiens / Minas Panagiotakis/GettyImages

The Montreal Canadiens welcomed Christian Dvorak back into the lineup on Tuesday night against the Philadelphia Flyers.

After a frustrating injury derailed Dvorak's season, he was surely champing at the bit to return back to action. Although you wouldn't be able to tell from his straight faced emotionless demeanour. But he has came to be known as a guy who doesn't smile, even when he scores a goal.

That doesn't mean scoring goals isn't something that he enjoys doing, which he showed against the Flyers. Dvorak is more known for his responsible two way play and his presence on the penalty kill. However, he had a couple of tricks up his sleeve for his first game back from injury.

Oddly enough, one of Dvorak's closest friends on the team, is the polar opposite of him personality wise. Cole Caufield is one of the liveliest personalities on the Canadiens roster and it's not much of a surprise that Caufield helped keep Dvorak's morale high. Cole's infectious energy appeared to have rubbed off on Dvorak, and his goalscoring too.

Dvorak's two goals came when the game was already far out of reach for the Flyers to try and execute a comeback. But they were a bit of a feel good story for a guy who is the ultimate professional and never cheats at either end of the ice. The fact that his shot seemed to have little to no rust on it, seemed like a sign from the hockey gods, giving Dvorak a bit of a break.

It isn't all that likely that Dvorak has another two goal game to finish the season or many next year either. But the confidence that it instilled in the player is worth more than anything and with Dvorak feeling confident, it puts the Habs centre depth in a pretty good place. He isn't flashy, but he gets the job done and that is exactly what the Canadiens bottom six can use.

In one game he made far more of an impact than Colin White has made in his 17 games this season. I had to center out a player, it is hard enough to make it to the NHL, but to play in just one game is impressive. However, there shouldn't be much of an argument from anybody, should White sit the remained of the season, then walk once Free Agency rolls around July 1st.

White did a reasonable job and certainly tied the Habs over until Dvorak returned, but once Kirby Dach returns next season, there isn't a spot for him. Especially when you consider that Owen Beck will push hard for a spot at Habs camp in September, there isn't much wiggle room. Dvorak is a better fit and he provides more for the Canadiens.