Carey Price earns honorary doctorate at the University of Northern British Columbia

Carey Price went out after leaving it all on the ice and now he was given a big distinction by a local BC University.
Boston Bruins v Montreal Canadiens
Boston Bruins v Montreal Canadiens / Minas Panagiotakis/GettyImages

Former Montreal Canadiens 2005 fifth-overall selection and all-star goaltender Carey Price was in the news recently. 

While his playing days are behind him, the proud native American is still deeply rooted in his culture and is a mentor for the next generation. So, it was of little surprise when the University of Northern British Columbia honoured No.31 with an honourary doctorate. Price spoke at the University’s convocation for the class of 2024.

It’s easy to see why Price was such a great face of the Canadiens for 15 years. He carries himself with such maturity and integrity, while never being in the news for a bad reason. He uses his presence for good, presenting as an ideal role model. 

Although his career in Montreal never had a season that culminated with the ultimate prize, he never acted out or showed his cards. It’s undoubtedly one of the toughest sports to play and he played the toughest position, but always carried himself with the utmost professionalism. To some, the distinction might not mean much, because he didn’t study to earn it, but it’s an honour that speaks to his high character. 

Many goaltenders have spoken at length about the way that Price inspired them. Young, aspiring goalies model their game after him and emulate his play style and demeanour. It speaks volumes when a goalie is so revered because of what he did off the ice, that fellow athletes want to be like him. 

Price never reached the pinnacle of hockey, which would have led to some seismic celebrations. But in many fans' minds, he deserves to have his number in the Bell Centre rafters. And his place in hockey history should be cemented in the Hall of Fame. 

His home province has given him the ultimate honour and it’s not as though he carries himself the way he does for recognition. But the fact that he continues to be a leader and someone to look up to, shows the immense levels of character that he has. 

Price can now add an honourary doctorate to the list of husband, father, son, first-round selection and one of the greatest goalies in the history of the National Hockey League.