Canadiens: Ranking the Three Biggest Surprises at the Season's Halfway Point

Montreal Canadiens v Dallas Stars
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David Savard

David Savard is often known more for being a big, burly defenseman who kills penalties and blocks shots. He’s not considered fleet of foot, nor will you ever look to him for a ton of offence. And yet, he has 10 points in just 20 games with four goals. It’s certainly unexpected, but a welcomed surprise nonetheless.

And Savard has still been a defenseman who’s killing penalties and blocking shots. The offence has just been an added bonus. Of course, he’s still not going to be running the powerplay or out on the ice in the last few minutes when the Canadiens need a goal, but he’s providing solid secondary scoring. Something the Canadiens have gotten quite a bit of from their defensemen this season.

Obviously, Savard, at 33 years old, is not a prospect, but he could ultimately fetch the Canadiens one. Defensemen like Savard are always coveted come trade deadline time. Heck, Savard himself was traded for a first-round pick back in 2021 to the Lightning, where he ultimately helped them win a Stanley Cup.

The better he plays, the more likely it is that he’ll fetch the Habs a modest return if the Canadiens decide to trade him, of course. He still has another year left on his contract, which means the Habs could hold off a year before entertaining trade offers for Savard. But the offers may be too enticing to turn down.

Regardless, it’s encouraging to see a veteran defenseman still playing well at 33. In today’s NHL, it’s far from a guarantee that players can still play at a high level at that age. Savard has been fantastic so far this year for the Canadiens, and if they decide to keep him, it’s encouraging for next year, too. A good veteran presence on the blueline is always welcomed.