BU Head Coach praises Lane Hutson

Lane Hutson left quite the impression on his college head coach; because of it - former NHLer and BU Terriers head coach Jay Pandolfo had high praise for the Canadiens prospect.
Boston University v Merrimack
Boston University v Merrimack / Richard T Gagnon/GettyImages

Lane Hutson is the Montreal Canadiens top prospect and expectations are sky high.

Understandably so, he dominated in the NCAA over two years with the Boston University Terriers. When his college career ended, there was little doubt where Hutson was destined to play next. Canadiens general manager Kent Hughes was ready for Hutson and keen on getting him into a few games with the big club before the season ended.

What he did upon hitting the ice with the Habs was nothing short of impressive and even surprised many. There didn't seem to be any nerves or mental miscues, it was all academic and it was almost like - wow, does this guy realize this is the best league in the world? he looks like he is playing road hockey with his buddies. His college coach though had all the confidence in the world in him and believed that it would take him some time to adapt, but he will find his way.

Being praised for the way you're going to adapt to a new level, especially the best level that hockey has to offer is impressive. But when that praise comes from a retired NHL player, who played in an era that was very physical and knows the league, gives such a compliment, it catches everyone's attention. Certainly, we all know now that Hutson fell further than he should have and in a redraft that wrong would be righted - he is an elite talent, simply put.

He did play just two games with the Canadiens, but during the past two NHL training camps, his skill stood out each time he touched the puck. Some players are talented and often look like they are too good to play with certain players, but his smarts set him apart and he adapts on the fly to make those around him look better. His humble approach to his craft and drive to continue getting better are the reasons why he draws so many compliments and like the best players do, he never stops trying to improve.

Through just one training camp alongside David Reinbacher, there were thoughts about the future and what the defence pairs might resemble. One with Hutson and Reinbacher seemed like a natural fit and the more the two play, the more that belief might grow. They likely play in the American Hockey League and NHL respectively next year, but they may not be so far away from playing together.