Aatos Koivu learned he was drafted from his parents celebrating

Saku's son, Aatos, had a much different draft experience than his dad but got to join the Habs fold no less.
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The Montreal Canadiens used their 70th overall selection on Aatos Koivu.

If the name sounds familiar that’s because he is the son of longtime Canadiens captain Saku Koivu. I wrote a piece a little while back about the prospect of the Habs selecting Saku’s son. So the Cinderella story could have happened. 

But the best part of it all is that Aatos was at home watching the draft with his folks. When the selection was announced, he was reportedly unaware of the selection and didn’t hear it. But he learned about it because of the cheers from both of his parents.

My colleague and co site expect Nate Duffett wrote about Koivu and how it is a legacy pick, given the weight the name holds in Montreal. Koivu certainly will have some high expectations, but he does have some soft mitts and solid skating. Hopes are that he can continue on an upward trajectory and find his way into the Habs lineup.

Saku's son looking to carve his own path

Certainly, it would be easy for him to crumble under the pressure or be known simply as Saku's son. But for Aatos to become the player he wants to be, he will need to continue growing his game, while absorbing all the advice that he can. He seems to be a stout centre, but with some more time to develop, his shot, both in stride and his one-touch while standing still could be a big weapon in his arsenal.

While offence doesn't always generate to the next level, playing an honest 200-foot game and giving consistent effort goes a long way. Thankfully for Koivu, a big part of his game is that he works hard in the faceoff dot and he is a reliable presence down the middle. With a full season in Liiga with TPS, it will be a good measuring stick to see where he is at in his development.

A big thing for the prospects, perhaps the biggest is developing and having feedback to get better and continually be challenged. Montreal's development staff will be essential and I expect that they will do their best to keep the Koivu name around in Montreal.