Montreal Canadiens: Three Single Season Records That Will Never Be Broken

NEW YORK - CIRCA 1977: Guy Lafleur #10 of the Montreal Canadiens (Photo by Focus on Sport/Getty Images)
NEW YORK - CIRCA 1977: Guy Lafleur #10 of the Montreal Canadiens (Photo by Focus on Sport/Getty Images) /
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Montreal Canadiens players have plenty of records that have stood the test of time. Most notably of course, would be the team record of 24 Stanley Cup championships.

The Canadiens have not been able to add to that number for just about 30 years now, but still no other franchise even comes close to eclipsing their mark of two dozen championship seasons. With the number of teams in the league now, it could take hundreds of years before anyone comes close to 24 Stanley Cups.

A lot of their team records are held by players who haven’t played since the 1970’s or 1980’s. Guy Lafleur and Steve Shutt have the franchise record for goals in a season with 60. Maurice Richard still holds the record for most career goals with 544.

Not many team records, single season or career, have been set in recent years. Carey Price did take over the all-time wins record in team history, and his 361 wins will stay on the team leaderboard for many years to come.

The way the team played last season didn’t exactly scream “one for the record books” on many nights. Well, that actually isn’t entirely true.

The 2021-22 Montreal Canadiens did set a franchise record for most goals allowed in a single season in franchise history with 319. They also lost more games that any other Canadiens team with 49. They had 22 wins which is the lowest ever in an 82 game season. Their 55 points in the standings are the least ever by a Habs team in an 82 game season. (The Habs even had more points in the 56 game season in 2020-21 as well as the 48 game season in 2013).

So, they did set a few records last season, but they were not good ones. The 2020-21 Canadiens will go down as the worst year in franchise history and will forever be at the wrong end of the Habs record book.

While they didn’t break any good records last season, here are three single-season franchise records that will never be broken. (In addition to the 22 win season, hopefully).