Montreal Canadiens Prospect Joshua Roy Wins QMJHL Award

Montreal Canadiens. (Photo by Bruce Bennett/Getty Images)
Montreal Canadiens. (Photo by Bruce Bennett/Getty Images) /

Montreal Canadiens prospect Joshua Roy was just a 5th round pick in the 2021 NHL Draft. Already, many teams must be looking back at that and wondering why they didn’t take a chance on him earlier.

The Canadiens are excited they did, because he went out this season and scored 51 goals and 119 points in 66 games for the Sherbrooke Phoenix. He led the league in points, a year after scoring 35 points in 35 games and seeing his draft stock take a dip due to how commitment off the ice.

A renewed focus on his conditioning and diet resulted in a much different player on the ice for the Phoenix this season. Roy showed he could be a fixture in the Habs top six in the near future, and could very well end up with the QMJHL’s MVP Award for his terrific play on the ice.

Off the ice, Roy was just as good and he was rewarded for that earlier today. Just before taking on the Charlottetown Islanders in Game 3 of the QMJHL conference final, Roy was presented with the Paul-Dumont Trophy.

The Paul-Dumont Trophy is known as the “Personality of the Year” Award and is given annually to the player who represents the QMJHL in a positive way in the media and is an ambassador for the league.

This award shows Roy has a great personality and knows how to deal with the media in a positive way. Obviously he will deal with far more media when he is playing for the Montreal Canadiens, but the fact he was known as Personality of the Year for the QMJHL bodes well for his future with what can be a tough city as far as media is concerned.

Roy is bilingual and from Saint-Georges, which is just over a three hour drive from the Bell Centre. That will help him earn some favour with much of the local media, but sometimes the media can turn against a young player if they struggle early on.

Roy winning an award for his personality shows he will be able to handle that side of the game, and shouldn’t ever get distracted from what is written in the papers or on twitter about him.

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