Montreal Canadiens: What Makes Shane Wright Special?

PETERBOROUGH, ON - MARCH 29: Shane Wright (Photo by Ken Andersen/Getty Images)
PETERBOROUGH, ON - MARCH 29: Shane Wright (Photo by Ken Andersen/Getty Images) /
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Shane Wright
Shane Wright (Photo by Chris Tanouye/Getty Images) /

Shane Wright is an above-average OHL forward on the defensive side of the game, but by no means stands out in this regard. I believe he could certainly develop into an NHL counterman who holds his own defensively against elite competition, but to expect Phillip Danault, Patrice Bergeron, or even Nick Suzuki-like defence from him, especially during his ELC, may not be fair.

I am of the mind that Wright should return to the OHL next season for a chance to truly dominate the league under the advisement of the Habs’ new development team. The Canadiens will be a bad team next year and even if Wright plays in the NHL, it will be as a third-line centre with sheltered minutes. It would be wise to be patient with him and let him refine his game in junior for just another year, hopefully allowing him to play top-6 minutes as a rookie in 2023-24. Once he does join the Habs in such a role, expect Wright to be the offensive centre and Suzuki the defensive one.

Get excited to watch Caufield and Wright play together, Habs fans. Both have tremendous shots and high-end passing games that will only make each others’ better. The Habs have a very bright future, which will be built around two excellent centres that will likely be 1a and 1b, in some order. Considering the Canadiens spent nearly two decades looking for any #1C, having two of them will be an incredible luxury and will last for well over a decade, with some luck.

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