Montreal Canadiens Roundtable: Which New Player Has Biggest Impact? Who Leads Habs in Points?

BUFFALO, NY - JANUARY 30: Nick Suzuki Montreal Canadiens. (Photo by Nicholas T. LoVerde/Getty Images)
BUFFALO, NY - JANUARY 30: Nick Suzuki Montreal Canadiens. (Photo by Nicholas T. LoVerde/Getty Images) /
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TORONTO, ONTARIO – AUGUST 19: Brendan Gallagher Montreal Canadiens. (Photo by Elsa/Getty Images) /

2) Where do you think the Canadiens finish in the regular season standings in the Canadian Division?

Scott Cowan: The NHL’s decision to go with an all-Canadian division was an interesting one, albeit one done out of necessity. Despite this, it will still be a competitive division, with many Canadian teams now possessing talented rosters with viable Stanley Cup aspirations.

The Edmonton Oilers possess two of the NHL’s game-breaking stars in Leon Draisaitl and Connor McDavid, less than ideal goaltending aside. The Toronto Maple Leafs continue to bolster their top ranked offense and have somewhat answered their depth issues with the signing of veterans like Joe Thornton.

The Canadian division is a talented one, and one I feel that Habs will be able to put up a good fight in. Despite this, I still see them sitting somewhere in the middle of the pack, having a roster that, in my opinion, is something of a middle ground between teams like the Leafs and the Ottawa Senators. Should any of these teams endure a rough start to the season however, look for the Canadiens to jump higher in the standings, as, in my opinion, with this roster, anything is possible.

Teddy Elliott: I believe that the Habs will make the playoffs but will be third in the Canadian Division behind Toronto and Winnipeg. Vancouver, Calgary, and Edmonton might push them for that third place spot but the Habs have more depth at all positions than any of those teams. This season is going to be weird and we shouldn’t be shocked if there are many many roster changes considering the state of the world. Depth will be crucial and the Habs have it in spades.