Montreal Canadiens: 3 Players Who Will Benefit From a Lengthy Break

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The Montreal Canadiens were expecting a lengthy break in the near future, but that was supposed to be due to them missing the playoffs. With the season on pause, these three players will benefit from a little time away from the game.

The Montreal Canadiens are going to have a long offseason. They are fully expecting to miss the playoffs at this point of the season and will be on break sooner than 16 of the league’s teams. With the announcement that the season in on “pause” indefinitely right now due to the coronavirus, their hiatus from hockey has come earlier than anticipated.

Now, we understand there is a pandemic going on right now and know how serious this situation is for many people across the globe. However, we are a hockey website that writes articles about the Montreal Canadiens on a daily basis and don’t think we have what it takes to find a cure for coronavirus. Since we aren’t scientists, we are going to continue to write articles about the Montreal Canadiens so you have something to read other than another story about global pandemics.

Anyway, the Canadiens roster will be on break for the foreseeable future due to this outbreak. They still have 11 games remaining on their schedule and it remains to be seen when (or if) they will all get played. For now, we are going to remain positive and assume these games do eventually get played, they just get pushed back a couple of weeks.

If that does happen, the Habs could find themselves healthier than they have been in months with players like Tomas Tatar and Jonathan Drouin likely able to return in a few weeks time. This hiatus is awful on a global scale, and is far from ideal for Habs fans who had tickets for games and flights or hotels booked in California for next week.

However, it could ultimately be a good little breather for a few players. The Habs have suffered many injuries and been forced to lean heavily on a handful of key players throughout much of the season. The NHL calendar is a grind for even the most finely tuned athletes and getting an unexpected break could come with some benefits.

There are a few players in particular who could use this time to reset, recharge and get ready to finish the season strong. Let’s take a look at the top three players who could turn this bad situation into a positive.

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