Montreal Canadiens: What If Marc Bergevin Goes All-In This Season?

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The Montreal Canadiens just ended one of their longest losing streaks of all time. However, they remain in the hunt for a playoff spot. What is Marc Bergevin goes all-in this season?

The Montreal Canadiens have had an interesting season thus far. They started slowly, then went on a nice stretch where they won seven out of nine games. They immediately followed that up with an eight game winless streak, leaving us fans wondering how good this team really is this year.

On the one hand, good teams don’t lose eight straight games. On the other hand, bad teams don’t consistently beat good hockey teams. The Canadiens have consistently come out victorious against the best teams in the league. They have already defeated the New York Islanders, Washington Capitals, Boston Bruins as well as the St. Louis Blues twice.

Those are the four best teams in the NHL standings. Now, the Habs did also get annihilated by the Bruins 8-1 and suffered a 3-1 loss as well during their eight game losing streak. They also lost a pair of games in overtime to the Philadelphia Flyers who are surprisingly the fifth best team in the standings as of Wednesday night. Even with those losses, the Habs are 5-2-2 in nine games against the five best teams in the league.

Still, with their penchant for losing to teams that are lower than them in the standings, the Habs sit just outside the playoff picture today. They are on pace to finish in the same area they did last season which was a couple of points shy of the postseason.

So, what if Marc Bergevin decides he wants to do everything to avoid missing the playoffs for a fourth time in five years? What if he starts to think his job security is in question if the team doesn’t at least qualify for the playoffs? What is he looks at how much the Tampa Bay Lightning and Toronto Maple Leafs are struggling and decides this is the time to strike?

Well, we are officially entering fantasyland here, but let’s just imagine Bergevin pulls off what Alex Anthopolous did for the Toronto Blue Jays in 2015 and goes all-in to make a run immediately? Let’s take a look at what he could do.

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