Not Habin’ It Podcast: Prospects and Rookies

In episode four of the Not Habin’ It Podcast, I have a conversation about the upcoming June draft, talk about a few of the Montreal Canadiens’ prospects, and more!

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This episode was a little different than what I have done in the past, as I was joined by Twitter hockey blogger and scouting guru Scrimmage & Stats. (I’d like to take this opportunity to once again thank him for taking the time to join me, and I very much look forward to having him on again in the future.)

We began our conversation talking about mock drafts and what goes into creating a mock draft. You can find the mock draft that he created here. He does a great job of describing the players and gives us some information about the player so that if you are aren’t fully aware of who the player is you can have some sort of understanding as to why he ranked the player where he did.

We then moved on to talk about the Montreal Canadiens’ first-round pick. We talk about who he has the Montreal Canadiens drafting in his mock draft and why. I also asked him to talk about a few other players that could be available at 15, so we can have an understanding of what types of players might be available for the Canadiens if they stand pat at 15 overall.

Montreal Canadiens

GUELPH, ON – MAY 8: Montreal Canadiens (Photo by Claus Andersen/Getty Images)

I also took the opportunity to talk about Nick Suzuki and Ryan Poehling. I figured if I was talking to someone who focuses on amateur hockey, might as well talk about the two best forward prospects in the Canadiens’ system. I really enjoyed that part of the conversation, as we talked about what we could expect from these two players in the future and where they might end up being slotted in the lineup.

To end our conversation, we played a little word association game. I asked him to give me the first word or thought that popped into his head when I mentioned the following players:

  • Nick Suzuki
  • Ryan Poehling
  • Cayden Primeau
  • Josh Brook
  • Jonathan Drouin
  • Max Domi

That wrapped up our conversation and the fourth episode of the Not Habin’ It Podcast. For those of you that have listened in the past and have gotten accustomed (or are still trying to get accustomed) to my passion, excitement, and emotion getting the best of me this episode will serve as a nice break for you. I promise you won’t hear me yelling into my microphone, well except for the opening where I put highlights from previous episodes.

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