Playoff Hab-It: April 27th, 2011


Jimmy Murphy Has Sports Hub-Itis!!

While following my usual gang on Twitter, I was disappointed with some of their comments during Game 6. The one tweet that got under my skin came from Jimmy Murphy (@MurphysLaw74) from ESPN Boston, who tweeted, “Never said Habs fans weren’t classy. Have to have class to stay classy.” Last time I looked, throwing towels on the ice isn’t exactly classless. Sure, we got hosed on the early whistle by Kevin Pollack, but is towel throwing really that bad? I’ve seen beer, batteries and other garbage being tossed on the ice in other cities, and Montreal is classless for towel tossing?

For a guy who hosts a show on Saturday’s with Conor McKenna on the Team 990, he’s got a lot of gall to say something like that. And he’s always come off as an honest and knowledgeable individual. I just think, as was said by TSN’s Bob McKenzie, you have to be emotionally detached as a sports reporter and journalist. While that can be said by those who work on a national network, sometimes emotions get the best of us.

That being said, here’s some advise, Murph. I can understand you thinking the Canadiens may win the series now that it’s Game Seven, but that’s your opinion. I would love to see it, as a Hab fan myself, but you can’t be Jekyll and Hyde on any media. Part of integrity is consistency, no matter the media or forum. For your own reputation, stick to that.

Get Your Defibrilators Ready!

If yesterday’s game was any indication, tonight’s tilt between these two bitter rivals will be an epic battle. Both teams will have to fight tooth and nail to gain the advantage over the other. That being said, the Bruins will have to play a disciplined game to avoid giving the Canadiens’ power play a chance to score.

The Beantown Bruisers have been dominating five-on-five, and it’s up to the boys in Red, White and Blue to change that. The Habs will have to do a better job of getting puck possession, especially off the draws, which have been dominated all series by the Bruins. While the Canadiens have done a better job of putting two centres on the ice for defensive zone face-offs, it will be a tougher task in Boston, as the Bruins will have the final change.

They will also have to maintain as strong, if not stronger, forecheck in the series-deciding game, in order to limit the Bruins ability to attack through the mid-ice lane with speed. They did a better job in Game 6, but it has to be better.

The pressure in Game 7 will undoubtedly all on the Boston Bruins. With GM Peter Chiarelli saying that “it’s the Conference Final or bust,” did that at the on-set of the season. It remains to be seen whether they can stand up to the pressure.

Bruins Fans Are Peed Off, And Rightfully So!

When Milan Lucic hit Jaroslav Spacek in the second period, Bruins fans were in an uproar. While the hit was delivered from behind, some of the blame had to be laid on Spacek, who turned his back to the play and admired his handywork.

I’ve said from the beginning that, on hits like that, the blame has to laid on both individuals. Like the Victor Hedman hit on Sydney Crosby, that has knocked the world’s best player out of the last quarter of the season and the playoffs so far, Crosby got hit while admiring his pass behind the net. It’s tough for an oncoming player to veer off at the last second when committed to a hit, the receiving player has to assume that he will be hit, and take the necessary precautions to protect himself.

Although Habs’ fans won’t like to hear my opinion, I don’t think the hit really deserves any supplemental discipline, but I’m not part of the NHL brass. If history is any indicator, Lucic will be part of the starting lineup in Game 7 at TD Garden.

Et Cetera

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