Four teams have reached out to the Montreal Canadiens for Karl Alzner

The Montreal Canadiens are in the market to trade Karl Alzner, and teams have apparently started to contact Marc Bergevin to acquire him.

When the Montreal Canadiens placed Karl Alzner on waivers, I proposed four ways Marc Bergevin could deal with the situation after he cleared. One of them was the path fans have been talking about for months in that the Habs should find a way to trade him. But easier said than done.

No one denies the success Alzner has had in the past. However, his contract ($4.625 million for another three years after this season is over) makes it extremely difficult, especially with how important managing one’s cap is in today’s NHL. Difficult trades do take place every now and again; it just takes some patience and creativity from the general manager to pull it off. And if there is any weight to the latest rumour revolving an Alzner trade, Bergevin is about to get very creative.

It started with the report from Pierre Lebrun on Insider Trading. Lebrun said on his hit that Bergevin and Alzner’s agent were working together to find a new team for the 30-year-old to play for. Now the latest source of information is David Pagnotta of The Fourth Period.

According to Pagnotta, there has been a decent amount of trade interest for Alzner since he cleared waivers. To do that though, the Montreal Canadiens would need to take a player back and retain salary on the contract. No surprise there. Bergevin should understand the impact of Alzner’s hit and that the dollars and cents would have to even out in some regard.

Here is where the surprise begins. Four teams have apparently reached out to the Montreal Canadiens to acquire Alzner: the Dallas Stars, New York Islanders, Colorado Avalanche, and Toronto Maple Leafs. Pagnotta also mentioned in a follow-up tweet that teams believe the issue with Alzner is his fit within the system and that a change of scenery would help (ah that old cliché rears its head again).

It’ll be a win for Bergevin, Alzner, and the Montreal Canadiens if this winds up taking place. That said, it’s still a rumour until pen is put to paper.