Montreal Canadiens will be selecting third overall at the 2018 NHL Draft

The 2018 NHL Draft Lottery has spoken, and the Montreal Canadiens are selecting third at the 2018 NHL Draft in Dallas this upcoming June.

After months of waiting, the Montreal Canadiens finally know where they’re going to be drafting at NHL Draft in June. It was a pretty tame lottery at first as everyone fell into the positions they were meant to be in. That was until pick number eleven.

The Carolina Hurricanes were supposed to be there, but instead, the New York Islanders came up giving them back-to-back picks in the first round. Most importantly, the Hurricanes won a lottery. It continued to count down, and when the Montreal Canadiens were meant to be up, the most beautiful thing happened, they didn’t. Arizona, welcome to your fifth overall pick.

By the end of the first wave, Montreal, Carolina, and Buffalo had all won one of the three lotteries. Unfortunately, the NHL decided to push the final reveal into the second intermission of the Vegas-San Jose game. It was an uncomfortable wait, to say the least. The only thing we all knew was that Montreal Canadiens were going to have the chance to add one of Rasmus Dahlin, Andrei Svechnikov, and Filip Zadina.

According to Mikaël Lalancette, the Sabres had a 59.7% of it being revealed that they won the lottery followed by Montreal with 30.6% and Carolina with 9.7%.

Then, it was time for the results. The Montreal Canadiens were revealed to be picking third at the 2018 NHL Draft.

It wasn’t the results that Habs fans wanted, but the chance to select perhaps a Zadina is pretty good as well. Next stop Dallas for the NHL Entry Draft.