Highlighting The Top Ten Weirdest Habs Goals

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Highlighting The Top Ten Weirdest Habs Goals


Weird is a word to describe things that are “unnatural” and “strange.” It’s not shocking that this word has been used many times in the hockey world since so many weird scenarios take place on and off the ice, like all of the weird things hockey fans have thrown on the ice and the weird fan signs that we always see on camera. How about the fact that Wayne Gretzky’s pre-period routine included a Diet Coke, ice water, a Gatorade and a second Diet Coke? Now, that’s just plan weird and makes you wonder how he wasn’t running to the washroom between some of those breaks on the bench.

On the plus side, weird can be used to describe things that are unbelievable in a positive way which is why today we are bringing you the top ten weirdest Canadiens goals. We’ll be counting down the five worst weirdest goals, including the misleading passes and accidental overturns, and then we’ll be making up for it by bringing you the five best weirdest goals. Sounds good? Of course it does!

10) Andrei Markov scores on Carey Price.

This goal was the type of goal to make you tilt your head slightly to the right and say, “what on earth did I just watch?” This weird but horrible scoring opportunity took place during the Eastern Conference finals on April 15th against the Ottawa Senators. A terrible shot off of the boards slid right in front of Lord Price. Doesn’t seem like a big issue, right? Well, Markov in the heat of the moment most likely trying to scoop up the puck and get it back to centre ice, unexpectedly hit the puck between Price’s legs. What was worse about this goal is that it was during the first game of the first round with the Senators, it was the 1st goal of the first period, and it was on home ice. Ouch.

9) Max Pacioretty’s giveaway to the Lightning.

Luckily, this one wasn’t taking place at the Bell Centre, but it’s still weird and most likely made any Habs fan weep while watching this. It was late in the 1st period on March 16th and the Habs were battling the Tampa Bay Lightning for first place in the Eastern Conference. The Habs were only 2 points behind the New York Rangers while Tampa were trying to recover from a 2-1 loss to the Winnipeg Jets. All seemed to be going okay as planned, that is until Pacioretty made a pass back to Steven Stamkos, who skated alone to the net and put a slap shot past Price. According to The Hockey News, Pacioretty was carrying the puck out of the Habs’ zone and past centre ice, but his pass back toward who he thought was a teammate turned out to be Stamkos. Other “rumors” suggest that Stamkos was yelling out Pacioretty’s nickname on the ice and tapping his stick which led to this weird but awful goal assisted by Patches. Watch your back, kid!

8) Marc Bergevin’s hands help San Jose get their first goal.

Okay, okay, so Canadiens GM Marc Bergevin has never played for the Habs, but this goal HAD TO be included on the list. Not only is he a big part of the bleu, blanc, et rouge now, but it’s just absolutely weird. It’s December 7th, 2000 and the St. Louis Blues are away in San Jose to play the Sharks. Alternate captain and defenseman Bergy had 4 minutes left in the first period. As a defenseman, he was simply doing his job and trying to keep the puck away from the Blues’ net. However, he came up with the “brilliant” idea to use his hand to deflect the puck, which was thrown swiftly into the net, giving the Sharks their first goal of the night. Remember, if you’re going to throw a puck with your hands, don’t aim for your own net.

7) The Canadiens score on themselves, again.

Yikes! This one was just one huge punch into my Canadiens fan filled heart and again, just plain weird. During their game against the Boston Bruins on October 27th, 2011, Tomas Plekanec won a face-off and put it straight into the Habs’ net. However, Plekanec made up for the first Bruins goal 9 minutes and 14 seconds later by scoring a tiebreaker. The game ended up with Habs beating Boston 2-1. How players mistake their net for someone else’s is something we’ll never truly understand.

Next up, O’Byrne gives the Islanders an empty net goal.

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