Feb 18, 2013; Sunrise, FL, USA; Florida Panthers right wing George Parros (22) and Toronto Maple Leafs right wing Colton Orr (28) fight in the first period at the BB

George Laraque Spot On About Montreal Canadiens Enforcer George Parros

Georges Laraque made headlines this week in Montreal, as he commented on the Montreal Canadiens acquisition of enforcer George Parros. Laraque did not believe that Parros would be intimidating enough, as Parros is not what he would consider “a finisher.”

Apr 7, 2013; Sunrise, FL, USA; Ottawa Senators left wing Matt Kassian (28) fights with Florida Panthers right wing George Parros (22) in the second period at the BB

Laraque said Parros would fight anyone in the league, but he is more of a wrestler, than a knockout puncher. He believes this will not satisfy Canadiens fans desire for an enforcer.

When I first read his comments, I thought he was just a bitter, angry former Canadiens player, who is still mad at the organization for buying him out of his contract with the team back in 2010. However, having done a little research, I now agree with Laraque.

According to www.hockeyfights.com, Parros dropped the gloves nine times last year, and the only undisputed wins he had in those fights was against Nik Grossman of the Philadelphia Flyers, who fought once all season, and when he surprised Tampa Bay Lightning rookie defender Radko Gudas, after a questionable hit. So what I am saying is Parros isn’t exactly pounding on Colton Orr, although he can go toe to toe with the Maple Leafs tough guy.

This is not to be confused with saying Parros wont fight, or is not good at it. The fact is, his style of fighting is more of a grappler and wrestler, meaning he wont be knocking out Shawn Thornton next season, which is what most fans want to see from a tough guy.

However, he will drop the gloves with anyone in the league, if he feels the need to step in and defend a teammate, as seen here, in his second of two bouts with 6’8 John Scott of the Buffalo Sabres last season.


So next year, we can expect Parros to drop the mitts with anyone in the entire league, but he just wont be the most entertaining fighter in the NHL. He will throw some quick jabs, and use his innate ability to take a pounding, to hold his own against the toughest guys in the league.

Basically what Laraque was saying, is Parros is one of the toughest guys in the league, but not necessarily one of the best fighters.

As a fan of the Habs myself, I know how hard it is to agree with Georges Laraque. This time however, after much deliberation, I can see he might actually know what he is talking about.

To finish off this article, like Don Cherry always did with Rock em Sock em Hockey, here’s a few more scraps.






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  • acleanlakeforourchildren

    His grappling rather than punching is smart.
    Hurt players cannot play hockey period.
    We need the big guy on the ice.
    Current team players need to beef up.

  • Rod

    This is precious coming from Laraque. Laraque didn’t start or finish a fight he stood there like a coward. It’s not as if Laraque was there to score and unlike Parros, Laraque didn’t hit. He had no character whatsoever. I don’t know what Macmillan is talking about here. Parros already took on Colton Orr and beat him. In fact as I recall he finished Orr’s season prematurely. If tree hugger Laraque wanted to give peace a chance then he could have quit the Habs before being bought out instead of standing there like a coward again and again.
    I’m small and I never let my team mates get pushed around. Shameful.

  • maxbart5

    well Kenny it seems you’re new to the world of hockey fights. Parros has been one of the league’s top heavyweights for a while now. the fights you mentioned and posted were only those this past year with the panthers, where he had a subpar year probably thrown off because of the lockout. his best days were with Anaheim. watch some of his fights from then, he won the majority of them which is why he was such a fan favorite there. one of the most memorable is when he KO’d Colton Orr and gave him that concussion. so if he comes to the Habs back in form like he was in with the Ducks, I think the fans will be satisfied.

  • Dennis Kane

    I don’t know how you can say Georges was spot on when you really don’t know for sure. Habs fans need to embrace our new tough guy, we needed one badly, and we need badly for Laraque to keep his trap shut.

  • Kenny

    Parros did knock Colton Orr out in 2011, but most of his fights are filled with clutching and short jabs. I think Parros is great to have, and will fight absolutely anyone. HIs fights however, like almost all fights these days, just arent wild swing fests that crowds love to see. He is not going to knock anyone into next week, is basically what Laraque was saying.

  • Papineau

    Us habs fans will love him for not taking the time to ask a guy kindly if he’d like to fight and not fighting him if that guy didn’t want to fight ala Laraque AND we already love him for his moustach alone!

    • Kenny

      I can’t believe I wrote an article about Parros and forgot to mention his awesome stache! Truth is, most fans will probably love the guy for dropping the gloves, I just hope people don’t turn on him if he isnt the undisputed winner of his first few fights

  • Jimmy

    I agree with maxbart5 George Parros best days were in Anaheim How much is left in parros tank we’ll get the answer in the up coming season. I’m sure Parros won’t be following a stupid code like the one that George Laraque. was following that got him sent home. But to say you agree with Laraque statement about Parros is my opinion is wrong. George Parros has a job because he doing what he supposed to do is sticking up for his teammates. George Laraque was fired by the habs for not doing his job. Period!