Quick Hits: NHL CBA Negotiations Update [Poll]


Well as we all know the both sides met today to continue the CBA negotiations. Most of us feel like this is the first of many to come, but many others believe it’s an opportunity that we may save the NHL season. There was a good turn out of over 275 players at the meeting today to discuss their future. Since the last lockout in 2004, it seems like more players are getting involved in the business side of things to greater their knowledge of why certain things are happening.

Here are some key details from various hockey personnel,

According to numerous sources the NHLPA indeed made a revised proposal and the NHL did make a rather quick counter proposal.The reasoning behind this can possible be that the NHL wants the NHLPA to work more off of their views.

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Also from this meeting today the players are still opposing the firm case of salary reduction, but are willing to take a hit over the growth of the hockey related revenue.

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According to Gary Bettman the NHLPA’s proposal was not much different then the last one, just some minor changes here and there. This could also be the reason to a quick response in form of a counter proposal from the NHL.

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And the suspected proposed offer by the NHL supposedly gives the players $250-$300 million more.

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Michael Grange states here what the Hockey Related Revnue (HRR) is going to look like and what the players want next year.

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Another source said the offer from the NHLPA regarding the player’s revenue sharing was 53.3% in 2012-2013 and will decrease over time. Again the NHL wanted the player’s revenue sharing at about 46-47%, big difference still shown. Another note is what Fehr said, and here it is in a nutshell ‘..Before the cap player’s hockey related revenue was at 74%…’.

The bottom line here is that if the NHLPA does not accept the counter proposal given by Bettman & Co., then their is a 99.9% chance that their will be a lockout. Like I stated before this quick response to the NHLPA by NHL is a last stand type deal; ‘Take it or leave it’ pretty much sums up this day of negotiations.

The overall feeling that many of us get from today’s news it that there will be a lockout come this weekend September the 15th.


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