Better Know A Blogger: Kevin van Steendelaar of Eyes on the Prize

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Blogger Questionnaire

Why follow the Habs?

Because they’re the Habs?! I’ve been a fan since I was about 5 or six years old. I lucked in and found Habs games on CBC in the ’70s while trapped in central Ontario.

Favourite Montreal Canadiens moment?

The 93 Cup and 10 straight overtime wins.

Favourite Habs player?

Past: Ken Dryden Present: Carey Price

What’s the best article you’ve ever written?

I did a piece on Bert Corbeau, who died tragically in a boating mishap in 1942. I lived in the area where he was from, when I wrote it, and it received a lot of local response while researching it. It may not have got a lot of hits, but I really enjoyed putting it together.

Best person to read about hockey? Or if you like, worst person to read about hockey?

Online: Bob McKenzie, Pierre LeBrun, Elliotte Friedman, Dave Stubbs
Books: Todd Denault, Brian MacFarlane, Ken Dryden to name a few of many
Worst to read:
Online: Eklund, Jack Todd

Do the Habs make the playoffs next year, yes or no and why?

Yes! Take away the injuries, the mismanagement, and the Canadiens were easily in 6th last season.

If you could interview one figure from Habs history, who would it be?

Living Beliveau or Elmer Lach…I’ve already interviewed Lafleur. Deceased: Howie Morenz

Who is Hab player you’d most want to hang out with and why?

OK bragging time. I’ve had dinner with Carey Price and hung out at a golf tournament with Subban, so that’s off the bucket list LOL

Present player though I think, believe it or not, Scott Gomez merely for his sense of humor.  Past player would be Dickie Moore

Which is the best Habs rivalry, Leafs, Bruins or other?

Leafs..likely because I live in the GTA

What do you think the Habs need to do to win their 25th Stanley Cup?

Get to the playoffs and win 16 playoff games in the same season.

What’s your boldest prediction about the Habs upcoming season?

That it starts…just when it starts is hard to tell

Bonus Question: Have you ever blogged from your mother’s basement in your underwear?

I don’t wear underwear

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