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After a very important victory on Saturday night against the Toronto Maple Leafs, the Habs are idle until Wednesday night when they host the Detroit Red Wings at The Bell Centre.  Barring a trade or management change there will not be too much to report between now and then so i thought that it would be a pretty good time to change it up a bit.  While i do love and require attention, i do not want to force it down anybody’s throat especially when i do not have anything new and original to present.  I thought, then, to refer you to some other reading material to quench your thirst for everything Hab.

I live in Calgary and even here there is no shortage of material for those who are interested in the rich history of the Montreal Canadiens.  The Calgary Public Library has 26 books relating specifically to the Montreal Canadiens in its collection.  The statistic in and of itself piqued my curiosity.  Was it a low number?  Alternatively, was the number surprisingly high given that i live 3743 km. from the Habs’ hometown?

In an effort to answer my own query, I thought that i would research how many books the Calgary Public Library (CPL) held relating specifically to the Calgary Flames.  I assumed at first that the number would be much larger than the 26 titles associated with the Canadiens.  Then, realizing that the Calgary team has been in existence for a relatively short period of time, I predicted that the Calgary Flame collection would be significantly smaller than the Montreal Canadiens offering.  When all is said and done, the results were actually pretty comparable.  One can access 31 titles associated with the Flames at the CPL.  Assuming that a true fan reads anything and everything available about one specific beloved team, those supporting the local team in YYC would have to read 5 more books than a Canadiens fan living in cowtown.

It then dawned on me to take this one step further…what if i still lived in Montreal?  How many books would i have to peruse then?  Well, folks, someone wanting to truly read all about the Habs in Montreal, in both official languages of course, would have to make time and space for a mammoth collection of 1036 works.  That is right!  One thousand and thirty-six titles!!  Man Alive!  Was Montreal as generous to Calgarians as Calgary was to Montrealers?  Well, not exactly.  At the Montreal Public Library one can only access 12 books written on the Flames.  Not a great reciprocation, I agree but we should recognize that there probably are less ex-Calgarians in Habsland than there are Montrealers now dwelling in Stampede City.

Well, today before heading in to work, I borrowed a few books and I am confident that they will make for excellent reading.  Below, I provide some information on the selections that i made:

    • Title:Hockey, heroes, and me
    • Author:Fisher, Red, 1926-
    • Publisher:McClelland & Stewart,
    • Pub date:c1994.
    • Pages:274 p., [16] p. of plates
    • Title:The Canadiens century
    • Author:McDonell, Terry.
    • Publisher:Sports Illustrated Books,
    • Pub date:c2009.
    • Pages:112 p. :
    • ISBN:9781603200707
    • Title:Lions in winter
    • Author:Goyens, Chrys.
    • Publisher:McGraw-Hill Ryerson,
    • Pub date:c1994.
    • Pages:viii, 504 p., [8] p. of plates :
    • ISBN:0075517124
    • Title:The Montreal Canadiens : 100 years of glory
    • Author:Jenish, D’Arcy
    • Publisher:Anchor Canada,
    • Pub date:2009.
    • Pages:xvi, 366 p., [8] p. of plates :
    • ISBN:9780385663250
    • Title:The game
    • Author:Dryden, Ken, 1947-
    • Publisher:Wiley,
    • Pub date:c2003.
    • Pages:300 p., [16] p. of plates :
    • ISBN:0470833556

    Well, now that our short break in the schedule coincides with the fact that i don’t have too much to add that i haven’t expressed before, you are encouraged to get your hands on either these or the other 1031 titles available for your review.  Don’t forget that you will also need stuff to read during the All-Star break…get your hands on some books!!  There is absolutely something for everyone!

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