It 's a Wonderful Life .

A fellow named Monty Hall was the emcee of a game show named Let `s Make a Deal . In that show , contestants would have the opportunity to choose between three doors . Behind each door was a prize . Only one door contained an exclusive prize such as a car or a trip to Mexico. One of the others would contain a good prize such as a fridge or a year ‘s supply of groceries . The third and final one would contain a booby prize – a goat on a leash or a can of processed ham. If a hockey fan had to open a door which would contain Carey Price ‘s soul , that door would be period two in last night ‘ s hockey game.

First Star...Again !

Twenty minutes into the 2010 – 11 season, a mere cough in the onset of a major sickness , there are many people that must attend church and confess their sins . “Forgive me father for I have doubted Bob Gainey. ‘”

” Was it with malice my son ? ” The priest would ask – hoping to avoid God ‘ s wrath on the poor soul .

” Yes ! At one point I wanted the man hung from the highest branch of a tree – his body to be left for months for all those to see what would happen to a bad General Manager of a hockey team.”

” I see…” Said the priest . ” Well my son , for your sins and the only way to make things right with God once more – I am condemning you to become an Edmonton Oiler fan . ”

“Please Father , anything but that ! ” Cries the fan .

” I am sorry – it is either that or Hell . ”

The fan thinks for a moment , leans toward the priest and says ; ” I ll take Hell! ”

What About Bob ?

The Philadelphia Flyers launched an attack last night in the second period as they fired twenty shots at Carey Price . Of them , thirteen were within the hash marks and when the siren sounded to end the segment – the high scoring Flyers and winners of nine out of their last ten , realized that Carey Price was a God. How else can you explain a young man who has allowed three goals in his last four games . What better way to describe a young man who , in that time frame , has earned two shut – outs . Is anyone going to argue just how good he has been when , during this streak , he has beaten the Boston Bruins , the Vancouver Canucks and the Philadelphia Flyers . Three of the hottest and most complete hockey clubs on Gary Bettman `s  ‘ Wheel of Fortune `.

`Bob `

He has beaten Robert Luongo , Tuurka Rask , Cam Ward and now Sergei Bobrovsky – the young Russian net minder who has replaced `Philly Cheesesteak `as the number one attraction among Flyer fans . `Bob ` as he is known in Pennsylvania – came into last night `s game 7th in GAA , 5th in Save percentage and 1st overall in wins. Carey Price obviously did not pay attention to those numbers as he outplayed Bobrovsky . Price blocked twenty shots in the second period while `Bob ` stopped seven out of the eight that were tossed his way. Overall the Habs `goalie disallowed 41 Flyer shots while Sergei gave up three goals on twenty – eight. On this evening , the Habs exacted some revenge on a Flyer team that cold – heartily shoved them out of the post – season last year . Carey Price is slowly exacting revenge on the fans , the media and all the NaySayers that have haunted him for just over one season. Price is also exacting some revenge on Halak `s ghost .

As of today , Jaroslav Halak average is 2 . 12 and his save percentage is .918 . Jaroslav `s old friend Carey woke up this morning with a 2. 05 avg and a .930 save percentage. Jaro has played 763 minutes – Price 1023 . Price and Halak both have three shut -outs. Carey Price is not proving that he is  a better goalie than Halak . He is not attempting to make thousands show up at a suburban mall to match Halak in a popularity contest . What he is doing is showing everyone what the Montreal Canadiens already knew last year . That the team possessed two brilliant goaltenders and only one could be kept . To paraphrase comedian Stephen Wright ;

I got a new shadow. I had to get rid of the other one…it wasn’t doing what I was doing.

Gionta Leads the Way

Someone must have tapped the Habs captain on the shoulder last Thursday and told him that he was the captain. Gionta has been on fire since that game against Boston and last night the 5 `7 ” forward led the Habs with one goal and two assists . Gionta has eleven points in eighteen games after starting the season slower than a moped on the highway. His partner in crime , Scott Gomez , is still trying to withdraw some of his millions form the bank but unless he starts scoring on a regular basis – he will have to keep to the 200 dollar a week limit placed on him by the hockey gods. Mike Cammalleri scored last night from his new position on the power play and Tomas Plekanec is slowly rising on the list of the all- time point leaders of the Montreal Canadiens. Tomas is now firmly entrenched at position number 53 – five points behind Didier Pitre and eight points back of Jacques Laperierre.Tomas leads the team this season with twenty points in seventeen games.

Plekanec - Movin Up

The Montreal Canadiens are on a four game winning streak as they head into their next match Thursday night against Nashville . The question is should Martin rest Price or allow him to continue his roll and stay firmly embedded in his zone. The answer is probably in Price `s favor yet lets`s hope the Habs do not get ahead of themselves . Slumps do happen . God created the Maple Leafs after all and when Price does start to either slump or tire – Alex Auld must be the `fridge `and not the `goat on a leash ` in the game show –  `Let`s Make a Save `.

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